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The universe was very kind Friday, giving everyone a great new Kendrick Lamar album before hitting us with a new Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser just hours later. Shortly before the new teaser for Rian Johnson's follow-up to The Force Awakens premiered at the Star Wars Celebration event in Orlando, Disney shared a new poster featuring a lot of red and a well-placed lightsaber:

Slowly but surely, as Mashable first noticed, fans (and people who just like to Photoshop things for fun) started Photoshop​ping the hell out of the poster:

Some fans have expressed disapproval of the poster's design. Trusting graphic designers, however, is something we all should do more of:

But until someone answer the following request, this Photoshop​ marathon won’t be ending anytime soon:

The Last Jedi poster is particularly notable due to its predominantly red coloring, as red is generally used to signify the dark side of the Force. The only blue on the poster, fittingly, is emanating from Rey (Daisy Ridley)'s lightsaber. The design itself is reminiscent of a previous Star Wars poster for the original 1977 film A New Hope:

Coincidence? I doubt it.