Pepsi and Kendall Jenner have been righteously raked over the coals for the better part of the past week after the company released an advertisement appropriating the Civil Rights Movement, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the resistance to Donald Trump’s Presidency. Saturday Night Live delivered what may have been the proverbial coup de grace with a “Pepsi Commercial” sketch, humorously pointing out the many ways the original commercial cemented itself as one of 2017’s cultural face palms.

Much like Pepsi’s original doubling down on its clueless stance by releasing a defensive statement, SNL’s Beck Bennett plays the commercials fictitious director and fiercely defended his vision while describing the doomed commercial to his sister.

“Isn’t that like the best ad ever,” Bennet’s character asks his sister, Carrie, before being hit with the inevitable. “I think maybe you just don’t get it. Is Doug there? Can you put him on?”

After Doug and Carrie tell Bennet’s character what a horrible idea the commercial is, he does what Pepsi probably should’ve done—he asks a black person for feedback. In this case, it’s his random neighbor.

The sketch also touches on Jenner, who is played by SNL’s Cecily Strong, being either complicit in the ad or completely unaware of just how insensitive it would appear.

“Um, I stop the police from shooting black people by giving them a Pepsi,” Strong’s version of Jenner said. “I know! It’s cute, right?”

"And then Kendall Jenner walks in and she walks up to one of the police officers and hands them a Pepsi..." #SNL

— RogelioGarcia Lawyer (@LawyerRogelio) April 9, 2017

Unlike the original ad, Twitter approved.