When Dear White People was released in 2014, it couldn’t have been a more timely commentary on what life is really like in “post-racial” America. Following a group of students of color at a predominantly white Ivy League college, the film tackled a number of issues regarding race and diversity (or lack thereof) but did so with a lot of heart and a sharp sense of humor. That unique approach is only part of why the film garnered so many accolades, including a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and an Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature for writer/director Justin Simien.

Now, Dear White People is set to continue its story as a new series on Netflix, premiering April 28. Simien is back and has brought a stable of other talented filmmakers along with him to direct episodes of the show. They include Charlie McDowell—who recently helmed the Netflix feature The Discovery, starring Robert Redford and Rooney Mara—and Barry Jenkins, who directed this year’s Best Picture winner Moonlight. While the show does provide a uniquely black perspective in satirizing race in America, at its core it’s really about a number of more universal themes that every college student goes through, like looking for love, searching for an identity, and ultimately finding your path. As IndieWire put it, the show “always feels like a personal story first and intelligent satire second. Dear White People isn’t strictly about race. It gives voice to all oppressed, misunderstood, and marginalized communities, and is very clear about its prerogative from the start.” Particularly in the world we’re all living in today, that sounds like material everybody can sink their teeth into.

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