If you're not up on Seriously.TV's new sketch series Projecting, you're definitely playing yourself. The series, which debuted March 15, 2017 on Seriously.TV, is about three theater ushers who get into all kinds of zany sh*t. Those three ushers are played by Jonathan Braylock, James III, and Jerah Milligan, who created the series as well. Those three are also the folks behind Black Men Can't Jump In Hollywood, a podcast that reviews major movies with leading black actors.

The trio graced our latest episode of Keeping Up With Kulture, giving the Facebook Live audience a look into how they look at the world of cinema and how black actors fit within it. Lucky for us, we f*cks with movies in general, so it was dope to get these guys into the studio to chat about the series. We not only got to hear that both James and Jerah had pasts as theater ushers, but the masturbation episode was low-key from Jerah's past as an usher. We also go into past KUWK guest Trevor Jackson and his leading role in Burning Sands, expressing our feels for the movie (which is also the topic of the latest episode of Black Men Can't Jump), as well as give some of our early Summer 2017 movie picks.

New episodes of Projecting hit the Seriously.TV YouTube page every Wednesday at 1PM EST; check that out. And if you're in the New York area, the guys have a regular improv night every second Monday called Astronomy Club at the UCB Theatre; their next one is on April 10, 2017. And if you want more movie talk, be sure to check out Black Men Can't Jump In Hollywood on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.