Mia Khalifa responded to apparent rumors of an HIV-positive diagnosis with a series of jokes on Twitter Thursday. First, Khalifa referenced an episode of the FX comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in which Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito) pretends to have AIDS just to skip a pool line:

For those not into It's Always Sunny, here's the moment in question:

After the tweet generated some perplexing replies, the former adult film star followed it up with a South Park quote:

For those also not into South Park, here's the source:

And Khalifa didn't stop there:

Not everyone, however, enjoyed Khalifa's comments:

Also, just to be clear, being HIV-positive is not equivalent to having AIDS. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.

Previously, Khalifa trolled Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly—who allegedly made multiple attempts at a DM slide-in—with a tweet and a link to the same DM slide shirt mentioned above: