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The last time Matty Matheson and Sean Evans met, the culinary wildmen duked it out in Sean’s arena, eating spicy wing after spicy wing in the Hot Ones octagon.

Now, in the cooking showdown nobody knew they needed, it’s a Viceland vs. First We Feast rematch—and this time we’re taking the competition to Matty’s native Canada for some gravy-smothered, cheese curd-covered, good ol’ fashioned poutine.

Hosted by NYC’s Mile End—one of the premiere destinations for Montreal-style food in Manhattan—the competition is a high-octane introduction to the over-the-top cuisine of the Great White North.

Matty, who returns to Viceland this month for Season 3 of Dead Set on Life, whips up a decadent take on the working-class dish, topping his fries with lobster, beef tenderloin, and grilled cubes of foie gras. Sean, whose kitchen skills include scrambling eggs and pouring cereal into a bowl, crafts a surprisingly edible hangover-cure-poutine with smoked meat and bacon.

Watch the video above to see which poutine comes out on top.

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