Director: John Ridley    
Year of Release: 2017
Where to Watch: In theatres April 21, and then on ABC April 28th

A lot of energy has been spent documenting the L.A. riots—there are many more documentaries on the topic than are on this list—but it is John Ridley’s (American Crime, 12 Years a Slave) unique artistic sensibility that sets this one apart from the rest. Most of the talking heads here are people who were actually living in L.A. in the 90s and involved with the riots in some way. There’s the elderly Korean woman who lost a son, the sergeant who ordered his officers to retreat from the epicenter of the riots, and one of the unrepentant attackers of Reginald Denny. The result is a layered explanation of a tense racial climate that eschews any one interpretation; the overwhelming takeaway is just how complicated the reality was (