It has been a tumultuous offseason for one of New York's power couples. Carmelo Anthony is openly beefing with Knicks GM Phil Jackson, and his marriage with La La is reportedly falling apart after rumors of Carmelo's infidelity surfaced.

Spending too much time in strip clubs may have cost the Anthonys their marriage, but that isn't stopping La La from tearing the club up, according to TMZ. She's reportedly in the midst of shooting a new documentary series called Goal Diggers about women in "risque industries" who manage to shatter the mold and make it to the big time. It sounds like she's all business, which is a stark contrast from the visits Carmelo was reportedly making. 


French Montana, who was spotted at NYC club Sapphire on the night La La was shooting her documentary, claims La La is in great spirits despite the crumbling of her marriage being in all the headlines. He called her a "Teflon queen," which is about as strong an endorsement as he could make of her demeanor post-breakup.

La La and Carmelo seem to have very different reasons for their appearances at strip clubs around New York City, but if they're ever able to reconcile, maybe they can find some common ground over their visits. They wouldn't be the first couple to take solace in a strange hobby together.