A Streetcar Naked Desire, despite its clunky title, is probably my favorite play of all time. There's only one problem: A Streetcar Naked Desire does not exist (yet). A simple fact like that, however, wasn't enough to stop a recent Wheel of Fortune contestant from swearing the opposite. With just one letter missing in a title that was so very obviously the classic 1947 Tennessee Williams play, this nudity-loving contestant guessed a surprising (and hilarious) letter: K.

As if Pat Sajak's reaction wasn't funny enough, you know Twitter had plenty to say about the L:

When another contestant guessed the correct missing letter, Sajak made an admirable confession to the audience. "Well, funny little game," Sajak said. "$650 will make it a thousand, and although you got the right answer, I'd rather see Kevin's play." Same. Someone really needs to step up and ink a deal with Kevin for the development of A Streetcar Naked Desire.