Big fan of the asterisk censorship method when subtweeting your slander? Perhaps this exciting development in subtweet failure will inspire you to reconsider. Chrissy Teigen, fresh off clapping back at Fox News for being Fox News, was able to track down an attempted subtweeter Thursday:

Though the attempted subtweet no longer appears due to the account having since been set to private, Elle managed to obtain a transcript. The now-private tweet said "Chr*ssy T*ig*n is…..*looks both ways* beginning to annoy me [sic]." So yeah, Teigen's response is fucking perfect.

But HOW?!?!? The whole point of the sneaky asterisk method, I assume, is to make sure the individual you're discussing never ever sees your tweet. Is Twitter actually testing a new Subtweet Discovery feature? Nah. Sadly, the "how" of this miraculously discovered subtweet actually has a completely logical (i.e. boring) explanation: Teigen was tagged by other people, alerting her to the fuckery:

This is actually the second major clapback development this week. On Monday, Teigen forced people who judge Twitter clapbacks for a living to shuffle their rankings after hitting Fox News with this wholly relatable request: ​

🙌🏻 While we're at it, I'm going to request that also Fox News refrain from tagging me in anything, ever. Their tweets are trash.