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I don't know about you, but I don't care how old I am: if I won an Oscar and I was in the 7th grade, I'd be on some straight up "f*ck school sh*t." My mom would probably kick my ass, and I'd have to go anyway, but I can't imagine I'd be nearly as humble as Alex Hibbert and Jaden Piner, a.k.a. the youngest incarnation of Chiron and Kevin from the Oscar-winning Moonlight, were when they returned to their 7th grade class at Norland Middle School in Miami.

Fam, they legit rolled out a red carpet for these two, which is all kinds of dope.

In reflecting on the Moonlight journey he went on with Piner, Hibbert says they "got the audition from school so we thought it was gonna be like a little play, a short film or something. Just to see it go and be something as big as this, it’s just amazing."

He also fondly remembers the biggest f*ck-up in Oscars history: "When they first was like, Moonlight got it, we were like, yeah, nice joke,” Hibbert recapped. “But they were like serious, you guys got it, and all I remember, I jumped over this guy and he was screaming. And I was like, sorry, I just won an award!"

Hibbert's not going to be out of the limelight anytime soon; he's already reportedly booked a Showtime series, and is a part of that Calvin Klein Spring 2017 campaign alongside Trevante Rhodes, Mahershala Ali, and Ashton Sanders. We have a feeling that amazing cast of Moonlight will be showing up in projects throughout 2017.