When people say that the country has never been more divided, well, they’re right. There are those who have seen Get Out, and those who haven’t. But as Jordan Peele’s brilliant horror film continues to rake in the dough—it should pass the $100 million mark at the domestic box office by the end of the weekend—the number of people who haven’t seen it is dwindling by the day.

One of the newest members of team Get Out is Kourtney Kardashian. On Saturday, the reality star gave strong indication that she had seen (and loved) the film with one simple tweet:

While not much thought went into the tweet itself, her use of all caps is an effective way to let her 22 million followers know that she really, really dug this movie. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a Kardashian liking a movie about rich white people co-opting the identity of black people, Twitter couldn’t help but point out the irony.

One user even posted an image of Kanye West being hypnotized by a cup of tea, a nod to the film's most iconic scene:

Kourtney doesn't seem to have let the comments get to her, instead using her Twitter feed to promote the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.



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