Although Danny Rand's father Wendell Rand was effectively killed by his business partner Harold Meachum (due to his love for Danny's mother Heather), Danny chose to not inflict the ultimate punishment on Meachum, who ended up losing his legs after being trapped in a heavy snow. After Harold's death, Danny and Harold's daughter Joy ended up heading the business, which is known as the Rand Corporation. The comics never got too in-depth on what actually goes down at Rand, but one has to imagine that whatever it does helps fund Danny's lifestyle, and affords him the time to be the Iron Fist.

Interestingly enough, the truck that blinded Matt Murdock in Daredevil said "RAND Oil and Chemicals."

Why this is important: Another constant in the Netflix arm of the MCU is how little money these heroes truly have. Sure, Murdock affords all of these Daredevil suit upgrades, but a constant problem has been how little money his legal practice brings in. Jessica Jones felt like she was living check-to-check, and while Luke didn't complain about funds, he had to jack funds from Cottonmouth just to keep Pop's barber shop up and running. Having a Batman-esque situation, where a masked vigilante has seemingly unlimited funds to keep his public profile up? That's new to these street level heroes, and could be the basis of how The Defenders operates.

Also, could the "RAND" Easter Egg from Daredevil play out in some kind of conflict down the line between Murdock and Danny Rand?