With two new Netflix specials set to drop on March 21, it'd be easy to chalk up Dave Chappelle showing up at a Thundercat show or during a Chance the Rapper "open mike" event as publicity stunts. You might even want to call Chappelle turning up at a city council meeting in Yellow Springs, Ohio (where he currently resides) an act that'd push his name further in the public eye, but you'd be playing yourself.

Chappelle took some time out to speak his mind during the meeting, which was about the town of Yellow Springs (population: 3,487 per a 2010 census) getting a new police chief after the tasering of a black man on New Year's Day turned into a local scandal and the resignation of the last chief. Dave did make sure to mention that for him, the police "have actually been sensitive" to his situation. He did want to make it clear that, due to the national exposure this situation received, Yellow Springs had an opportunity to not only be a leader in "progressive law enforcement," but that they should select "a candidate that matches the culture of this town, which is incredibly unique." Why? Because he feels like the town is being policed by "what feels like an alien force."

Chappelle makes it clear that their decision could "kill the game," primarily because "in this Trump era, here’s an opportunity to show everybody that local politics reigns supreme. We can make our corner of the world outstanding."

If only the rest of the world thought about their corners of this planet like Chappelle does about his.