Not many people open up about depression and even less write jokes about it. Yet that's exactly what Aparna Nancherla does. Following her stints on Inside Amy Schumer and a writing gig on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the comedian now shares her truth as a guest on go90's TAWK.

The show's notoriously awkward host, Awkwafina, wastes no time bringing up what some might consider a touchy subject by bluntly asking Nancherla if she's currently depressed. What seems like an invasive question is actually welcomed by Nancherla, who discusses her depression openly in her tweets, standup routines, and overall comedy "shtick." In fact, she says being an Indian woman with depression is liberating, considering it's rarely talked about in her culture. 

While Nancherla appeared on TAWK to promote her new show Womanhood, she also discusses, of all things, taxidermy and digs into her childhood when Awkwafina uncovers some awkward family photos. 

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