Nothing says "deeply problematic cinema" quite like Matt Damon being the white face of The Great Wall, right? Maybe "deeply" is a strong word, but we should be over this at this point, right? Hell, why do you think Twitter went ham on Karlie Kloss and Vogue the other day? 

The Great Wall, which hits theaters today, stars Matt Damon as one of a number of heroes in the film (which is currently owning a 38% "Rotten" score), and while the head of China's People's Choice Awards has already called the movie "low quality," Twitter decided to full-on roast mode, throwing the saltiest of props out to Matt Damon for "saving" China with the hilariously appropriate #ThankYouMattDamon.

You have to love when people remember classic white saviors as well.

Twitter, and the internet in general: forever undefeated.