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When it comes to AWARDS SZN, there are usually two ceremonies that movie fans tune into: The Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. The usual shorthand for watching each show is simple; the Globes is usually a lot more fun because celebs are getting drunk af, and the Oscars are more of a "serious" affair. We'd tend to agree, but after getting kind of drunk ourselves during last night's 89th Academy Awards broadcast, we realized that the Oscars are kind of lit...or, at least, there were some moments that took the show from being a pretty sterile environment to being lowkey insane. And it doesn't start and stop with that epic Moonlight flub.

Sh*t hit the fan early when the editor for People fixed his face to say "Hidden Fences" like that's even a thing.

first Hidden Fences slip up of the night

— BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) February 27, 2017


Luckily, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's #RelationshipGoals helped us calm our nerves.

Seeing all three Chirons together (and kind of lit) was a sight to see.


— beaz (@wavyvinyl) February 27, 2017


As was Salma Hayek bursting onto camera. Wow.

With so many guys wearing what looked like hot ass suits, you have to respect Denzel Washington keeping it 100.

Things really heated up during Justin Timberlake's opening performance, though. Don't believe us? Even Jackie Chan was hype.

Then we got hit with the realness of Mahershala Ali becoming the first Muslim in Oscars history to win an award. He was overcome with emotion, as we all were.

Taraji P. Henson, on the other hand, was hype af for the candy that fell from the sky.

Maybe Taraji can teach Nicole Kidman how to properly clap?

Although it looks like Taraji might have just been there for the candy?

Kimmel bringing in a group of tourists in the middle of the Oscars ceremony was the best, and ended up with Denzel presiding over a wedding (with real star of the show Gary from Chicago). 

Truth be told, Seth Rogen rocking Nike Air MAGs while walking with Michael J. Fox could've been the illest moment for the sneakerhead-loving movie buff.

But, ultimately, this will be known as the year that an epic failure turned into Moonlight being awarded the Best Picture Oscar.

And for that, we're thankful.