On Friday, the whole world was shook off of word that a teaser for season two of Stranger Things hitting, especially when people thought they'd found the official release date. It looks like simple math didn't mean an easy release date reveal, as Netflix announced that Stranger Things' second season would hit the service this Halloween 2017.

The teaser above appears to have everything: a shot of Eleven, the Hawkins Laboratory, an epic-looking monster drawing, and much, much more. There's a lot to unpack, and a lot of mystery, but at least we know when we'll make our return to Hawkins.

Ghostbusters squad.

Hawkins Laboratory back?

Uh oh...

Sh*t is about to get REAL!

For those who are keeping score, season two of Stranger Things picks up about a year after the events of season one. Will's still feeling the effects of the Upside Down, Hopper's made a deal with the man, and Eleven isn't gone gone. From the looks of this (too short!) teaser, things will be just as intense—and amazing—this season. Halloween is a long time away, but that just means we have that much more time for cryptic Netflix promo and (hopefully!) some more teasers and info about the upcoming season on the way.