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If you aren't watching VH1's The Breaks, you might be playing yourself. The series, which was born from the TV movie of the same name that aired in January of 2016, just aired its second episode last night, introducing people to Lil Ray, a road manager who is trying to figure out how to get his money back from Barry Fouray (Wood Harris). Lucky for us, we had Sinqua Walls, who plays Lil Ray, in the office to talk about his role and career in Hollywood.

When asked to describe Lil Ray, Walls (who you may remember from his time on Power and Friday Night Lights) calls him "a jack of all trades. He's a young manager in the game of hip-hop, and the music industry, and he's just trying to make his way to the next level." Walls also makes sure to note that Lil Ray is "your go-to guy for anything that's good or bad."

Walls also made sure to point out that we get to see a lot from Lil Ray on episode four of The Breaks. "Episode four is a really cool episode where Lil Ray has to do a lot of really cool stuff," Walls says. "You see the graduation from where he was to where he was going, and he's sitting in the middle of that. He gets new responsibilities and new pressures, and he has to navigate a lot of that on the fly."

Walls not only spoke about his time on the ABC Family series Lincoln Heights and if he was a TV guy or not, but he also told us about David O. Russell's short film project for Prada that he was a part of. You can check that clip out below, and see if you can spot Walls in Prada shops across the globe.

The Breaks airs Monday nights at 9 PM on VH1.