Melissa McCarthy’s surprise appearance as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer last week was so good that SNL had to bring her back for the cold open.

This time, McCarthy starts off as a calmer Spicer, who is less aggressive and kinder to the press. But you’ll gradually see Spicer’s mood change as the topic of the immigration ban gets brought up by a reporter from the New York Times. When another reporter asks the specifics of extreme vetting, Spicer goes back to his trusty dolls for a visual presentation.

Spicer addresses the media’s lack of covering terrorism attacks, and really went for it by calling Ivanka Trump’s spat with Nordstrom “light terrorism.” SNL poked fun at Kellyanne Conaway for promoting the Ivanka Trump brand by turning C-SPAN into the QVC channel.

If this cold open wasn’t already funny enough, Katy McKinnon nails it as Jeff Sessions. You can watch it above.