Asking Jordan Peele to reprise his classic Key & Peele-era impression of Barack Obama is a thing that people do now with increasing frequency. For assholes, this is probably really annoying. After all, this is essentially the comedian equivalent of belligerently screaming at a band to play that one song you really like but is probably extremely boring for them to play by now.

In a new clip from Fandango, Chris Witherspoon asked Peele to do impressions of a variety of celebrities (and exactly one former POTUS) reacting to his Blumhouse debut Get Out. After giving his best Kanye and Beyoncé, Peele imagined Obama comparing Get Out to his eight years in the White House. "I just wanna say, interesting film," Peele's Obama said. "It scared the shit out of me. The last eight years, I was surrounded [by] white people. It's not fun. It's some scary stuff. You captured that, you captured that fear."

Earlier this week, Seth Meyers had Peele do his best drunk Obama impression in light of all those enviable vacation photos. "He's gotta be watching, like, TV with, I'm sure, like whisky in his hands," Peele imagined before launching into his best guess as to what Obama might sound like when both drunk and perplexed by Trump.

Free idea: Let's get another Obama impression rolling, only this time he's drunkenly reacting to Get Out.

Get Out is in theaters now.