Step aside, Jimmys of late-night. John Oliver is finally coming back with more Last Week Tonight deep-dives this week after what feels like eons away from the throne. To put our current reality in the mildest terms possible, a lot of shit has gone down since we last saw Oliver and company bidding adieu to 2016 by quite literally blowing it to smithereens inside a football stadium:

So what should we expect? Well, Oliver's not quite sure. The former Daily Show contributor is certain, however, that the prospects of an all-Trump news cycle can only mean one thing: anxiety. "We'll work it out," Oliver told a group of reporters in New York on Monday, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "I don't know. I think we're very anxious to not make it all Trump, all the time—both on a level of interest and on a level of what the human soul can sustain."

Comedy at large, Oliver said, will grow more difficult under an Apprentice administration. "I think you've probably got to work harder," Oliver said. "That's not necessarily a bad thing. There's a lot of low-hanging fruit with administrations like this, and you kind of need to reach past that."

The "instinct and curiosity" of previous seasons of Last Week Tonight will remain front and center, with greater resources. "So I think we can go deeper," Oliver teased Monday. Not a strong enough tease for ya? Try this:

Last Week Tonight returns to HBO to kick off its fourth season this Sunday, Feb. 12. Something tells me the White House will be watching.