If you had to make a list of movies that white people need to watch to understand the plight of non-white people in Trump's America, 2014's Dear White People would be at the top of that list. Or, you can just make sure your favorite white folk have access to Netflix, because the highly-anticipated Netflix original series Dear White People (which is based on the critically-acclaimed film) will be premiere on April 28, as we exclusively heard today when we sat down with Logan Browning on Facebook Live.

"The show will be on your Netflix screens on April 28," Browning confirmed. 

Announced back in May of 2016, the 10-episode Dear White People series sees the return of Justin Simien, who wrote and directed the 2014 film, as is executive producer Julia Lebedev (who is on the series as producer), as well as the likes of Brandon Bell. It still takes place at Winchester University, which is just brimming with racial tension, and in the above teaser, we see that advising them of what costumes are appropriate for Halloween is still a must.

Judging from the teaser up above, while we're sad to see Tessa Thompson not returning as Samantha White, Logan Browning is more than capable of filling her shoes. Interestingly enough, she says that while she didn't get feedback from Tessa's performance in the film, she says that she feels that she "watched the film enough times to gather her take on Sam," although she made sure to mention that Tessa's a "superstar," and probably doesn't have the time, given her HBO and Marvel commitments.

Browning did break down what Sam's all about for those who might not have seen the film: "Sam is a bi-racial student at this Ivy League school, Winchester," Browning says. She is just sick and tired of the racial tensions and stereotypes on campus." How does Sam combat the nonsense on campus? By starting a satire radio station on campus entitled Dear White People to "stick it to the man."

Either way, Dear White People will truly be one-to-watch. Mark April 28 on your calendars right now.