For most people, having a wardrobe malfunction on television during the Super Bowl can be a horrendous ordeal (just ask Janet Jackson). For supermodel Chrissy Teigen, who's gone nude on a number of occasions, these kinds of ordeals seem to be taken in stride.

As the story goes, Teigen and her husband John Legend were chilling in the press box during Super Bowl LI when Fox decided to get a shot of the two of them sitting together. While Teigen was far from the people in the stands, she was still rocking an intriguing see-through top that gave those out there with keen senses of observation a bit more than they'd bargain for on a Sunday evening on live television.

Homeboy had the eagle eye for that one, but we're not sure he was anticipating Teigen to tweet back at him with the absolutely perfect response for these kinds of ordeals.

Truth be told, there isn't much else to be said, right? Not like this can be edited, nor is it like she went home with anyone but her man John. Twitter, which is always in top form during these kinds of events, had to get those jokes off, though.

Teigen, you're a real one. Never change.