Come every February, anyone who has even a mild interest in film will likely have an opinion on which movies, actors, directors, and writers are deserving of the golden statue. With the Oscars, the Academy aims to award the most exceptional effort in cinema each year, but with only so many nominees per category, many well-deserving movies and artists get snubbed. Of course, part of the fun on the big night is arguing which of the nominees are the real winners, and which ignored candidates should have been nominated in the first place. Is Moonlight better, or is La La Land? Where is Annette Bening’s Best Actress nod, and is it unjust that Amy Adams was shut out of the race? Did Zootopia or Kubo tickle your animation fancy more? (The debates are heated and endless.) And because they’re so heated and endless (and honestly, kind of fun), we’re joining in on the conversation this year by breaking down the Oscars’ biggest categories and arguing for who or what movie should actually win—whether they’re actually in the race or not.