Could you survive a stint in jail?

Maybe you think you could. Or, hey, maybe you already have. But when it comes to incarceration, simply going to jail is one thing. Going to a place like Fulton County Jail is something else entirely.

Fulton isn’t some country club jail where you spend your days watching TV and playing tennis. It is one of the most feared jails in America, with a reputation for drug use, gang rivalries, and intense violence. It also has a long list of notable “alumni” who have done time there, including Bobby Brown, Katt Williams, Lil Wayne, T.I., and Gucci Mane.

A&E’s groundbreaking series 60 Days In: Atlanta gives viewers a voyeuristic view of what it’s like to be on the inside of Fulton County Jail’s walls. The show’s third season features a group of innocent civilians who go undercover as inmates at Fulton for a period of 60 days. While they’re locked up, no one at the jail actually knows they’re just ordinary civilians. Both the guards and the other inmates treat them like they would any other inmate—and let’s just say that is pretty rough. As the show highlights the stories and the families of these undercover inmates, it also shines a light on how brutal the American incarceration system can be, and how maybe it’s time to revisit the manner in which inmates are treated in this country—guilty or innocent.

The all-new season of 60 Days In: Atlanta premieres March 2nd, only on A&E. But you can check out the show’s intense trailer now in the video above.