Seth Meyers, unlike that other guy who does late night stuff for NBC, has been refreshingly relentless in his criticism of Trump. From highlighting Trump's pack of climate change deniers to questioning certain publications' apparent decision to quickly normalize the alt-right a bunch of racists, Meyers has been on fire in recent months. Predictably, his interview on Tuesday with Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway also allowed little room for weak questions and even weaker answers.

After a bumpy intro, Meyers cut right to the big story of the night: unconfirmed reports, on which both Trump and President Obama have reportedly been briefed, regarding Russian operatives' alleged possession of compromising financial and personal information on the former Apprentice host. "I know this just happened," Meyers said. "Can you confirm or comment on the fact that the intelligence community has presented this to [Trump]?"

When Conway claimed the report was based on "a Russian investigator," Meyers fired back. "I think it was based on an MI6 British investigator," he said quickly. Conway also claimed that "intelligence officials" had leaked to the press without telling Trump or President Obama, another point to which Meyers had a prompt rebuttal. "But the press report was about them going to the president…I believe it said they did brief him on it," he said.

"[Trump] has said that he is not aware of that," Conway claimed. "That concerns me," Meyers said, before Conway briefly appeared to challenge whether or not he was actually concerned. "I assure you I am." Same.

Peep the full interview above, which also includes some public pondering from Meyers on how—and why—Trump made the time for a meeting with Kanye West yet hasn't had the time to do a formal press conference in 167 days.