We all could take a note or two from Manny Santiago. He's not only the first Puerto Rican street skateboarder pro to place in the top three in the X Games but the first and only Puerto Rican to be in the Street League Skateboarding “premiere competitive series.” With a list of accomplishments like that it doesn’t seem like Santiago has much more to prove. According to him, though, he’s only just begun.

While skating is Santiago's profession, boxing is his new obsession (or as he puts, “skateboarding is my wife and boxing is my side chick") and he’s planning on being just as skilled in the ring as he is on the half pipe.

Santiago demonstrates his new passion in go90’s series Obsessed, a show dedicated to showcasing the hidden talents of celebrities and athletes. Manny’s episode is especially endearing, as he talks about the dedication it takes to achieve your dreams. He states, "No matter how far I go, I can always do better." It's this mentality that took him to the top of his field and may take him to pay-per-view one day. Check out the man's boxing skills in the go90 clip above.