The death of Vine was a tragic loss for many tween celebrities. Within a day, many saw their stardom become nothing but stardust as they retreated back to their normal jobs at the mall. One star, however, didn’t die along with the platform.

Hayes Grier was only just beginning. With 4.4 million Vine followers and 5.7 million Instagram followers, this 16-year-old elevated himself onto the world stage, ditching Vine for greater ventures.

How did he get the following? Social media opens up a world where videos of you making faces into Apple Photo Booth and dancing around with your friends can attract millions of teen girls and guys. If we’re being completely honest though, it may have less to do with Hayes' comedic videos and more to do with the fact that he looks like a member of One Direction. Not to mention, his older brother Nash Grier, is a social media guru in his own right with nearly 13 million Vine followers. How Hayes amassed such a large fan base is less important, however, than how he managed to keep it. 

Last year, Hayes was the youngest contestant on “Dancing With the Stars.” He now has a leading role in Awesomeness’ new TV show Freakish, premiering on Hulu later this year. He also has a book coming out “Hollywood Days with Hayes” along with his own show, "Top Grier," on go90. Check out the latest episode above. 

Top Grier is the smartest move Hayes has made yet. By converting his Vine following into this go90 one, he’s become even more of a household name. He gives his fan a real look into his life – his family, his friends and his hometown. And by doing so, he’s converting Vine fans into TV fans. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just learning about the teen mogul, check out his new show on go90. It’s kinda lit.