We all know Las Vegas has a shady side. But in the new film Sleepless, Sin City is way, way shadier than any of us could have expected.

Sleepless focuses on Vincent Downs (Jamie Foxx), an undercover police officer who finds himself stuck in a hate triangle of corrupt cops, murderous gangsters, and a pair of Internal Affairs investigators who are gunning for his badge. But Downs has even bigger problems to focus on at the moment, as his son was just kidnapped by a crew of seriously bad dudes. Now Downs is in a race against time to save his son and bring down the perps who took him in one wild, sleepless night.

Sleepless has an all-star cast that also includes T.I. Michelle Monaghan, Gabrielle Union, and Stranger Things’ David Harbour. The film hits theaters Friday, Jan. 13, but you can check out its pulse-pounding in the video above now.