Writing every Fall Movie Preview intro feels formulaic at this point. First, we'll lament the movies of this summer—"yes, they were garbage with the exception of Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and an underrated indie film here." And then we'll set our sights to the fall, with it's explosion of Oscar bait and late in the year comic book blockbusters, always with the hopes that each year will be better in terms of diversity than the year before. 

Yeah, we might be a little bit jaded but there is a bright spot here already in fall movie season! We start with It here, which opened last weekend to having the biggest horror opening of all time, but It's insane box office weekend and generally positive reviews are frankly making us feel optimistic about this season's batch of movies. So here's what we're looking forward to from the Oscar bait to the Razzie shoo-ins.