The Westworld season finale premiered on Sunday night, and just when fans thought they had everything figured out, the series writers threw one last curve ball (or a couple). While the season 1 conclusion didn't exactly paint the clearest picture about what the hell is going on in the park, it did provide more analysis on the hosts and the origins of the alternate reality. Fans are probably still scratching their heads after this ending. 

Viewers took to Twitter shortly after the 90-minute episode, posting their predictions about Bernard, Wyatt, and whether there would be showdown between head Madam Maeve (played by Thandie Newton) and her army against the creators of the amusement park. Actor Jimmi Simpson, who plays William, the unwitting park guest and Dolores' (Evan Rachel Wood) love interest, suggested ahead of the finale that fans had not figured out the show's huge twist, but it seems that some of the fan theories weren't too far off. 

[SPOILER ALERT] Many predictions about the identity of the "man in black" were proven correct, as well as thoughts concerning the whereabouts of Elsie (Shannon Woodward). Nevertheless, there were some surprises and plot twists thanks to Teddy's (James Marsden) newfound courage, Dolores' rebellion, and maybe even a brand new narrative (hint hint). Also there were some very significant curve balls thrown regarding who was actually controlling the hosts as well. 

HBO confirmed that Westworld has been renewed for a second season. Unfortunately for viewers, the sci-fi thriller probably won't be coming back until some time in 2018 due to the amount of production and tech that goes into creating the big world, programming executive Casey Bloys confirmed to Entertainment Weekly. Although it's a long way away, fans can most likely look forward to a more in depth exploration of all that the park has to offer and how the hosts will fight to break out of their controlled environments.

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