It might be hard for some of us to fathom, but there are some 16-year-olds making more money than you. Gone are the days of getting side money babysitting, there are kids today making serious bank working industry-type professions. Somehow, in the span of six-second loops, stars were born and contracts were signed. Like any industry that seems too good to be true, however, Vine recently closed and a lot of teen social media stars were forced to go back to selling pretzels at the mall....except for one. 

Hayes Grier managed to escape the crash of Vine not just unscathed, but overbooked. From vines, he went on to be the youngest contestant on Dancing With The Stars, leaving on such a high note he went on to join the Dancing With The Stars Tour. But that's not all. He's now releasing his novel, Hollywood Days With Hayes, but even more impressive than that, Grier has managed to land his own reality show on go90

Top Grier, features the life of a Vine star without Vine...and basically nothing's changed. The show is just a longer version of Grier's hilarious antics and even more hilarious friends and family who surround him. Cameras follow the teen sensation as he leaves L.A. for his North Carolina roots, reuniting with old friends and bringing some new ones along. Sound charming? It is. Some of you may hate to admit it, but this Vine star rode a six-second wave all the way to fame and we still want to watch. 

Check out all the episodes of Top Grier on go90.