Following a week of controversy in light of his much-discussed interview with a person who once recklessly compared Black Lives Matter activists to the Ku Klux Klan, Daily Show host Trevor Noah stopped by The Breakfast Club for a lively 45-minute discussion on Wednesday. In addition to opening up about his inspiration for that post-interview meeting with Tomi Lahren, Noah discussed growing up during apartheid and the importance of continuing to call out racism in America.​

When asked how he felt about people who claim that everyone needs to simply "get over" racism, Noah broke down how such an argument actually makes no damn sense. "To argue that is to say that effects don't matter, to say that effects don't compound," Noah explained. "[But] if you have a system that promotes your wellbeing, you are going to grow in that world." Racism in America, Noah noted, was used as a reference point for South Africa's apartheid system.

Discussing the backlash he's faced following the Lahren interview, Noah said the press is forcing him into a narrative. In fact, Noah said photos that circulated of him and Lahren meeting for drinks were actually edited to exclude their producers. But the most troubling thing for the Daily Show host? The behavior of people he thought were progressive, some of whom have been tossing around misogynistic insults after Lahren's appearance on his show. "I don't stand for that," Noah said.