UPDATED 12/07/16: Some may think The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah “finally filled Jon Stewart’s shoes” with his Tomi Lahren interview, but whatever praise, admiration, or positive feelings he may have gotten for grilling Lahren has seemingly been erased by his actions after the segment. In an Instagram post Tuesday, Lahren revealed that Noah had sent her cupcakes, a gesture Twitter users found anything but sweet.

Here's what users had to say:

Unreal pic.twitter.com/pYEMvvOoZe

— Lazer Gun Carrier (@branfire) December 7, 2016

Trevor Noah sent Tomi Lahren cupcakes? pic.twitter.com/g7rsqStBdW

— FatouFIERCE (@FatouSadio) December 7, 2016

Trevor Noah out here sending cupcakes to that sentient eagle avi Tomi Lahren. pic.twitter.com/Otzr9maVqV

— Shirley Pleaser (@BienSur_JeTaime) December 7, 2016

Idk why @Trevornoah would gift @TomiLahren cupcakes when he just showed how stupid she was on her on his show 🤔

— S. (@sephyface) December 7, 2016

There better have been poison put into those cupcakes you gave @TomiLahren, @Trevornoah. This is some bullshit.

— BeeJay (@xBruci) December 7, 2016

So we sending racists cupcakes now? Trevor Noah can go fuck himself https://t.co/r2gW8Besaw

— Cartoons and Cereal (@BlckBolex) December 7, 2016

@BlckBolex @TomiLahren @Trevornoah Jon Stuart must be rolling over in his grave.

— ninjabob (@therealninjabob) December 7, 2016

the more trevor noah interacts w tomi lahren the more he gets cancelled

— ruby | 21 (@memeswearmatty) December 7, 2016

ICYMI during the heated interview Noah told Lahren: "You are the same person who argued on your show that just because Trump has supporters from the KKK doesn't mean he's in the KKK. What if somebody said, 'I felt emboldened by Tomi Lahren so I went out and shot black people'? Are you now responsible?"

So yeah, that’s why it’s such a surprise Noah is sending cupcakes. Then again, just a few days ago Lahren told TMZ she and Noah went out for some friendly drinks as a “peace summit” after the interview.  

But, hey, not so fast. Sources close to Noah spoke with TMZ Wednesday to offer some cupcake clarity. As it turns out, Noah didn't send the cupcakes and card. Those were from his "team." And the card? That shit was reportedly signed by The Daily Show, i.e. not Trevor Noah specifically.