Rogue One: A Star Wars Story met box office expectations and mostly satisfied the critics upon its release earlier this month, but a few fans—and at least one title designer—were pretty bummed about one tiny detail: the classic opening crawl. Rogue One, as anyone who's peeped it already knows, doesn't have a crawl. To remedy the sadness of Star Wars purists the world over, one clever fan decided to make one of his own.

Andrew Shackley, a Los Angeles County-based writer who put the crawl together after peeping Rogue One himself, told the Hollywood Reporter Thursday that he was mainly worried about nailing down two essential elements of the original crawl format. "When I was formulating the crawl, I needed it to do two things," he said. "It was important for it to conform to the pulpy style and language of the series, and it needed to contextualize the action we were about to see."

Dan Perri, the dude who created the crawl for A New Hope back in 1977, previously told THR that omitting the intro from Rogue One was a mistake. "Frankly, it is a huge mistake, because the image is so iconic and it's so important to tens of millions, hundreds of millions of fans," Perri said Tuesday. "I couldn't imagine it starting without that. It's foolish."

All salt aside, we recommend peeping the full text of this fan-made Rogue One crawl below while pretending it's real:

"The Jedi are all but extinct, the Republic has fallen and in their wake, the Galactic Empire has engulfed the far reaches of the galaxy in fear. Persecuted members of the Old Republic have been thrust into hiding. Only members of the REBEL ALLIANCE dare take a stand against the ruthless Imperial forces. Deep in the Outer Rim territories, the dastardly Director Krennic has discovered the location of a long lost friend; one capable of completing the Empire's most powerful weapon yet…"

Rogue One is out now.