Since losing last month’s election, the once omnipresent Hillary Clinton has become somewhat elusive. Outside of two public appearances at charity galas, the only time we’ve seen Clinton has been in selfies taken by supporters who randomly ran into the former presidential candidate while hiking in the woods outside of her Chappaqua home.

The photos have imbued Clinton with a kind of mythical aura, which Saturday Night Live expertly riffed on Saturday, in a sketch called “The Hunt For Hil.” In it, Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney set out on a mission to find Clinton, someone they call “the most elusive legend of all.”

“Our search begins in the woods of Chappaqua, where Hillary Clinton has been sighted by a bunch of white people with Facebook accounts,” Bennett says. “Where is she now? We set out to find her, trap her, and thank her.”

To help lure their white whale, they use a clipping of a story about Jill Stein’s recount effort, hoping that it will draw Clinton from he shadows. At one point, Vanessa Bayer shows up as a local resident who crossed paths with Clinton, and shot the encounter on her cell phone. “It was blonde, about 5-foot-6, it seemed like it kind of wanted some time to itself… so I immediately started running after it,” she says. 

As the real life Clinton opts to remain out of the spotlight and keep a low profile instead, this might be one of the last times we get to see Kate McKinnon's superb take on the former Secretary of State, so let's cherish it while we can. Watch "The Hunt for Hil" above.