Pixar's plans for the next few years mostly involve a bunch of hotly anticipated sequels. Toy Story 4, Cars 3, and The Incredibles 2 will keep us all busy through at least 2019. But Lee Unkrich, the same guy who co-directed confirmed classic Monsters Inc. with Pete Docter and David Silverman, is stepping up with something fresh in next year's Coco.

"It was important to us from day one that we had an all-Latino cast," Unkrich, who also helped guide Toy Story 3 to Oscar glory in 2011, told Entertainment Weekly Tuesday. "It focused us, and we ended up with a fantastic mix of people—some from Mexico and some from Los Angeles."


Coco, described as a "music-packed-but-not-quite-musical" film, centers on a 12-year-old boy named Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez), who dreams of becoming a celebrated musician just like his hero, Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt). Miguel, following a "mysterious chain of events," then ends up in the vibrant Land of the Dead and encounters a "trickster" named Hector (Gael García Bernal).


Though Pixar flexed with some test animation peeks at last year's D23 Expo after first teasing the project back in 2012, a proper Coco trailer is still not a thing that currently exists. Given the fact that this is the only non-sequel movie on Pixar's slate for the foreseeable future, the hype is hella strong and should easily ensure that the first trailer smashes that new Beauty and the Beast record.

Coco, also featuring the voice talent of Renee Victor, hits theaters Nov. 22, 2017.