The new, final trailer for the upcoming Patriots Day is here to remind viewers that this movie is the very true story of the Boston Marathon bombing and the first responders, police, and victims who lived it. 

The dramatic new trailer uses narration and interviews from the film's actors, and even features some of the real-life police officers who were present for the terror attack or worked to track down the bombers in a massive and dangerous manhunt that lasted for four long days. The trailer also offers a look at some of the ways Peter Berg adapted the most intense moments, including the blast itself, and the moment that a hostage the bombers had taken chose to make a run for safety.

"When you saw what happened in Boston, those heroes put themselves at risk to help strangers, was really incredible," Mark Wahlberg, who produced and also stars as police sergeant Tommy Saunders, says in the trailer. 

The movie also stars John Goodman as Boston police commissioner Ed Davis, whose firsthand account served as the basis for the screenplay, Kevin Bacon as special agent Richard Deslauriers, J.K. Simmons as sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese and Michelle Monaghan as Carol Saunders, Tommy Saunders' wife. 

Patriots Day is set for a wide release on Dec. 21. It's the second time in one year that Wahlberg and Berg are teaming up for a movie that dramatizes a real-life story that is already widely known from news coverage. Their other movie, Deepwater Horizon, about the massive BP oil spill in 2010, came out in September.