Roman Burtsev, arguably Leonardo DiCaprio's most famous doppelgänger, is apparently more of a Jet Li guy. The incidental viral celebrity spoke at length with Cosmopolitan Monday, discussing his personal taste in cinema and how his life has changed since the internet knighted him with the "Russian Leo" honor back in January.

"I knew of him as an actor, and I knew he was a good actor, but my taste in films is a little different," Burtsev said. "I'm not that keen on romantic films. I like adventure and science fiction films. Jackie Chan, Jet Li." When asked if he had successfully endured all three hours of James Cameron's Titanic, Burtsev did not mince words. "They show it on TV," he said. "I was able to get through about an hour-and-a-half of it."

Shortly after achieving internet domination earlier this year, Russian Leo was given his own reality show entitled Romance With DiCaprio. So surely this dude is out here rocking a life of luxury now, right? Well, not exactly. "My life is 90 percent the same," Burtsev told Cosmopolitan. "From the reality show and the vodka commercial, I've been paid about 170,000 Russian ruble (the equivalent of $2,733.00)." Burtsev said he's still living in an apartment, though he did cop a new-old car after the Russian Leo mania kicked off. "People definitely recognize me, and people want to stop and take pictures," he said.

Though DiCaprio hasn't publicly commented on Russian Leo's existence, Burtsev is convinced he's aware. In fact, Burtsev knows exactly what he would say to DiCaprio if they were to meet up for some quality hangs:

I would say, "Hi."