Adam Sandler has returned! (No, he has not returned to making movies that are actually watchable—get real.) Sandler, joining last year's champ Johnny Depp and a surprising ranking from Leonardo DiCaprio, has regained his distinction as one of the most overpaid actors in the industry.

Depp tops Forbes' annual list of the most overpaid actors in Hollywood, the magazine announced Wednesday. The box office return for a Depp movie now stands at $2.80 for every dollar paid, a slight improvement from Depp's 2015 average but still good bad enough to earn him the reluctant throne.

But Leonardo DiCaprio, though? The bear-battling Oscar winner we saw in The Revenant, a movie so good that it will soon result in a hilariously shitty Tom Hardy tattoo? It appears so. According to Forbes, DiCaprio's "outsized paychecks" often result in box office smashes not exactly bagging the sort of guap one might expect from, you know, a box office smash. DiCaprio's average return through June 2016 was $9.90 for every buck paid, though it's worth mentioning here that DiCaprio regularly garners a very different kind of currency: incredible reviews.

Considering how depressing it is to read about millions of dollars squandered on bloated celebrity paychecks, perhaps we should kick off a new annual tradition to ease the pain. Every December, just as Forbes releases its latest overpaid actors ranking, a brave studio should step in to convince all 10 of these "most overpaid" actors to do a movie together.

Peep this year's full ranking below, while optimistically pondering how fucking good a movie starring all of them would be:

10. Bradley Cooper
9. Julia Roberts
8. Leonardo DiCaprio
7. Mark Wahlberg
6. Adam Sandler
5. George Clooney
4. Will Ferrell
3. Channing Tatum
2. Will Smith
​1. Johnny Depp​