How I Met Your Mother wasn't exactly what one might call a "great" show. To make matters worse, the series finale essentially amounted to a heaping pile of fecal matter. But when word broke that Greta Gerwig had signed on for a How I Met Your Dad spin-off a few years back, even those burned by the finale got at least a little stoked. Sadly, CBS ultimately opted to can that idea in 2014.

But wait. What's this? Another How I Met Your Mother spin-off is gearing up? What sort of clever AF update on the formula have we stumbled upon now? Well, here's what the Hollywood Reporter had to say about this latest development on Thursday:

"The ensemble show is told from the female point of view, in contrast to the original CBS series that ran for nine seasons. How I Met Your Father is a new take with an entirely new set of characters and writers. Similar in vein to the original, the project tells the story of how the main character met her eventual spouse."

Okay. So this is pretty much the same show as How I Met Your Dad, only with a more formal title? Got it. Father also boasts the involvement of This Is Us writing duo Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, meaning this incarnation of what 20th TV clearly feels is a winning formula certainly stands a chance at being watchable.

OG How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are aboard Father as executive producers. Their overall deal with Sony, however, prevents them from having any direct involvement.