Seemingly since the invention of Twitter, it's been a given that when something happens in popular culture, people just HAVE to get these tweets off. If it's during a presidential debate or the Super Bowl, it makes sense; we all come together to bag on those who are failing while bigging up the real winners on the screen. For some, though, it's hard to give the recently deceased time to be remembered; again, they just HAVE to fire off these "jokes."

This morning, D.L. Hughley is finding himself in hot water for a "joke" that he tweeted out regarding the barely-a-day-old passing of Debbie Reynolds, acclaimed actress and mother of Carrie Fisher, who passed away one day before her mother. This is how D.L. decided to reflect on her death.

Now, I saw this hit my timeline, and was confused. Primarily, I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be a "joke" or an observation; primarily because it wasn't funny. I thought, "hmm, maybe the lack of voice / atmosphere dilutes whatever funny is contained in this tweet," but then I saw the reactions and realized "nope, this was just a dumb tweet." There's just too much going wrong in this tweet for it to be OK, and as per usual, Twitter wasn't having it.

Yeah, D.L., what the f*ck are you doing?