Gordon Cole, the best donut ingester in the whole damn FBI, packs in the calories in a new Twin Peaks revival teaser. The clip premiered Sunday night on Showtime and clocks an impressive 32 seconds, which is plenty of time for one to consume a considerable amount of glazed nutrition.

You know what else we've learned about the return of Twin Peaks in recent months? Not a goddamn thing. After announcing the full cast for the 2017 revival back in April, Showtime has kept the deets a closely guarded secret. Portlandia legend Kyle MacLachlan will (of course) be back as FBI agent Dale Cooper, hopefully easing the minds of anyone skeptical about David Lynch and Mark Frost returning to Washington after decades away.

Tim Roth, one of the names included in that stacked cast announcement, hit up Collider in September to make us jealous with anecdotes about working with Lynch. "I was a fan," Roth said of landing a Peaks role. "It was more about having three or four friends, when I was a kid, and we all wanted to be actors. We were crazy about movies and wanted to be actors. And EraserheadBlue Velvet and Elephant Man were all things that we were very interested in. Eraserhead, particularly, was mystifying to us and we were like, 'What is that?!' It was just so out there."

Twin Peaks returns at some point in 2017. In the meantime, go ingest some donuts in front of a camera.