Revered actor and noted phone-eater Cuba Gooding Jr. is definitely the kind of dude you want to have at your party. Not only does he probably have a ton of great behind-the-scenes stories from his Jerry Maguire days and his recent powerhouse turn as O.J. Simpson, but he also EATS PHONES. Did we mention that yet? 

Anyway, Gooding Jr. may as well have eaten a full, four-course meal of phones at Tuesday's Footwear News Achievement Awards in New York. According to Page Six, the Oscar-winning actor was there to introduce designer John Varvatos when he launched into the sort of stream-of-consciousness wordplay usually only made possible when full sloshedness has been achieved:

"Nothing says I love you like fucking sugar," Gooding Jr. told the clearly amused audience. "Fucking boxed lunch. I'm drunk now, motherfuckers. Deal with it." According @justjarett, sloshedness came a bit easier than usual due to the fact that the awards ceremony "didn't have diner served."

Later, Gooding Jr. made a playful dig at the BET Awards. "I thought the BET Awards were cheap," he joked before delivering a Spike Lee quote and seemingly walking off stage. At one point during the evening, the Daily Mail claimed, Gooding Jr. "made a beeline for Rihanna."


But back to the ingestion of phones topic. Remember that? "He reached for it once and missed, then grabbed it when I wasn't looking," Flash Garments, the guy whose phone was filmed getting devoured by Gooding Jr., told Complex back in March. "I was happy as hell when I got my phone back. "I didn't know what he was going to do with it. I thought he was going to destroy it. Then he put it in his mouth and I was like, 'What kind of party is this?'" The only kind of party that matters, Flash Garments.