We finally have a relatively lengthy, hype-filled Dunkirk trailer to obsess over until the film hits theaters next summer. Unlike the initial 60-second tease released back in August, the latest glimpse at Christopher Nolan's World War II film about the Dunkirk evacuation offers an expansive look at what appears to be a straight-up ensemble story.

Dunkirk, also written and produced by Nolan, is rocking an extremely brag-worthy cast. One Direction's Harry Styles joins Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, James D'Arcy, Cillian Murphy, and Mark Rylance for the Hans Zimmer-scored war epic. Though we don't know too much about what Nolan is going to do with the Battle of Dunkirk story, Collider notes that one additional thing worth obsessing over is how exactly a likely PG-13 rating can properly house the very real horrors of war.

But, hey, Nolan is the same guy who defied the odds by making what is clearly the best Batman film while burdened with that PG-13 nonsense. Of course, Nolan's alleged Dunkirk check is also worth mentioning. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he's grabbing a cool $20 million for the gig. That's the biggest deal for a director since Peter Jackson got roughly the same payout for King Kong. Nolan, THR reports, is also getting an estimated 20 percent of Dunkirk's final gross.

Dunkirk hits theaters July 21, 2017.