We love celebrities. We love the entertainment they provide, the glimpse into glamour they give us, and the escape from the increasingly abundant horrors of everyday life they offer. There are websites entirely devoted to, like, documenting every time Kylie Jenner goes to Sugarfish—and they’re very heavily trafficked! That’s how much we love celebrities. But holy Jesus, they can be so terrible and stupid sometimes.


For every time Chrissy Teigen awesomely calls out Donald Trump, there’s Matt Damon explaining racism to Effie Brown; for every Jesse Williams speech at the BET Awards, there’s a Justin Timberlake tweeting that “we are all the same.” Underneath the designer jeans, Oscar acceptance speeches, and eight-figure follower totals, celebrities are just people, and people are bad. And just as regular people continued to be questionable decision-makers in 2016—over 62 million people voted for Donald Trump—so too did celebrities. They contorted their mouths to voice wildly uninformed opinions, they lied to our faces, they dated Taylor Swift.

Here’s a list of the biggest celebrity fails of 2016—a year loaded with them. Hopefully, this will be enough to convince you to never make a celebrity your role model.