With Casey Affleck in the building, it was a sure bet that Saturday Night Live would use the opportunity to lampoon the actor’s hometown of Boston, especially since no one in Hollywood nails the accent quite like Affleck (his older brother Ben is pretty good at it too).

In what might be the episode’s highlight, SNL took aim at Dunkin Donuts, that bastion of mornings in America where everyone is polite, decent, and cheery, right? Wrong. SNL’s “honest commercial” reveals who really hangs out at Boston area Dunkin Donuts, and it ain’t pretty. 

This was also the show’s annual holiday episode, which meant not even Santa Claus was safe from SNL’s wrath. In a sketch about Christmas miracles, Affleck was joined by Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon as three people who have met Santa, and lived to tell the tale.

“I was met by a 9′ tall goat man named Krinklemouse, who according to some German fairytale is Santa’s helper,” McKinnon’s character tells a team of academics. “He points a hoof at me, and I kind of got the idea that I should come with him.” While Affleck and Strong have more traditional North Pole experiences, McKinnon's abduction tale just gets darker and darker. “Krinkemouse travels by dogsled, which sounds fun, but then he straps a harness on me, and throws me in with the dog team,” she adds. “And these dogs don’t fly, they run!”

Watch both of Affleck’s SNL highlights above.