UPDATED, 11:42 p.m. ET: After an emotional afternoon, Rob Kardashian responded with a Snapchat story uploaded on his Instagram page that shows an empty home indicating that Chyna left him and took their baby Dream with her. You can watch the video below.

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Blac Chyna’s Instagram was apparently hacked on Saturday, after a string of posts emerged on the reality star’s account promising to reveal her deepest secrets. It all started with a post written in Chyna’s voice: “I’m about to post all of my direct messages on IG with all the guys I was talking to,” it read. “I no longer am with Rob. I left him and took the baby and did not even let him know. Stay tuned for screen shots and messages. I am Sorry Rob.”

It didn’t take long for Chyna’s fans to realize that the posts were coming from the alleged hacker, and not Chyna herself. Once they realized what was happening, the hacker switched course, and promised to unleash all of the “receipts and messages of all the guys Chyna was DMing and trying to get some money from to pay that rent.”

Chyna eventually confirmed the hack on Snapchat, writing “Just to let ya’ll know. That’s not me on me on my IG page. That’s somebody that hacked me and somebody’s really, really, really mad.” She’s since set up a new Instagram, while the hacker continued to post on her old account.

The hacker’s most damning allegation attempted to shed some light on Chyna’s efforts to trademark the Kardashian name, an apparent career move that the Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are trying to legally block. “I have all the messages with Chyna and her lawyer on how her plan was to marry Rob just to trademark the name Kardashian and texts saying that was the only way to do it and that she is then going to win!” the hacker wrote. 

Alleged screenshots of conversations between Chyna and her lawyer—in which she mentions her plan to trademark the Kardashian name without consulting Kris Jenner—were also posted, along with an apparent exchange with rapper Young Thug. The most recent posts share an exchange with her best friend Treasure and asks fans to hit up the Snapchat handle @robphuckedme for proof that Chyna left Rob and took their newborn son Dream just before Christmas. "Never once did she love him," the post reads. "I feel bad for him. A baby out of spite."

While there’s no way to confirm the veracity of the posts, Chyna for one, seems pretty nonplussed about all the spilled tea. In fact, the latest post on her new account urges the hacker to spill the beans. “lol please post it ! Don't talk about it !!! Be about it,” she wrote. 

Could the Kardashians themselves be behind the hack? Is it Russia? Let the conspiracy theorizing officially commence.