“What comes next...Do you have a clue what happens now…?” 

Those Hamilton lyrics blared louder and louder as I scrolled through Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s Instagram and Snapchat posts on December 17, a nadir for the couple that has voluntarily publicized their short relationship across social media and TV. Evidently, Chyna left Rob in an Eggo-less blaze and freshly vacuumed carpet glory, and took their one-month-old daughter with her. This prompted Rob, or someone very close to Rob, to “hack” her Instagram account and post screenshots of text messages that Chyna exchanged with her lawyer and best friend, Treasure. Rob followed this up with a series of Instagram and Snapchat posts detailing his sadness and confusion. But, really, what’s new? How is this different from Rob deleting all traces of Chyna from his Instagram and then snapping the two of them kissing the following week? Or that time when Chyna tweeted out Rob’s phone number? Well, dearest friends, everything is different. 

After watching Sunday's special episode of Rob & Chyna, which detailed the birth of their child Dream, it’s obvious that these two made a concentrated effort to make it seem as though they were a happy couple. Within the first few minutes of the special, we learned that their emotional drama was in the past, and their biggest hurdle was which one of their mansions they would raise their baby in. Extremely cute, but extremely fake. It was all set up for the anticipated second season of the show, which would eventually be confirmed. This could be why everyone cried “publicity stunt!” when Rob and Chyna went all homewrecking penguin on each other Saturday night, but I’m not buying that. In no world would a woman—one who is smart enough and crazy enough to have a baby just to trademark a famous name—would ever consent to letting documented proof of a scam anywhere near the internet. I mean, she wouldn’t even leave that stuff on a post-it note. Remembering that is key in exploring what this all means for Chyna’s future with Rob and with his family. 

After a Probation Period, Chyna Will Be Allowed Back into the Family

Let’s say Satan rises in 2017 and allows Tyga and Kylie to marry. Kylie would then be the stepmother of King, Chyna’s son with Tyga, and he would spend 50 percent of his time with her in Calabasas. Perhaps they’d live in the home Kylie is currently renting out to Rob and Chyna. Also by that point, despite Chyna and Rob’s relationship status, Kris will have worked out a custody agreement where Rob (read: Kris) gets baby Dream half the time.  With both her babies behind the same gate, Chyna will want to visit, but guess who she’ll need to get by first: Kris Jenner. Surely Kris is and will be upset by the revelation that Chyna was overly exploiting her Kris’ kindness for personal gain. However, like Dom Toretto in Fast and the Furious, Kris puts family above everything else. And for better or worse, Chyna is part of the family, the mother of the only male heir to the Kardashian name. There will be a deal made, and Chyna will be welcomed back into the Kardashian’s good graces, just as Scott and Lamar have been welcomed back in the past. The text messages to Young Thug and Jaden Smith are damning, and the back and forth going on in the comments section of Rob and Chyna’s Instagram posts are quite ugly, but the Kardashians have forgiven much worse—don’t forget that. 

Chyna and Rob Never See Each Other Again

As we’ve seen, Chyna and Rob are no strangers to communicating with one another on public social media platforms. Within 72 hours, they’ve accused each other of cheating, stealing children, Eggos and Christmas joy. They’ve also fought over how much Rob knew about Chyna’s whereabouts in the comments section of Instagram. Instagram is also where they made up with one another, with Rob posting an apology for his behavior and admitting that he’s seeking treatment. Post fight and apology, “sources” are still saying that Rob and Chyna have yet to see one another face to face. They basically have a long distance relationship, all while living in the same town. Rob’s even posted photos of baby Dream that have been sent to him by Chyna. So, it’s plausible, that their relationship could continue via text, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Neither of them really like being around one another or in each other’s homes, nor do they enjoy leaving their houses or getting up from the couch, but they love parenting together and the attention being in a relationship gives them. With their comfort level of public communication, it may be a decent means to hold each other accountable for their words. Perhaps Rob or Chyna will Snap their custody agreement. 

Kylie Jenner Raises Dream 

It’s very nasty and very weird, but as Rob and Chyna have gotten closer, the more involved Kylie has become in their lives. To start, she owns the home Chyna fled this past weekend, making her their landlord. Kylie’s also always with Tyga, so she’s often seen babysitting King Cairo —Tyga and Chyna’s son. Per Snapchat and paparazzi photos, Kylie looks like she’s enjoying step-motherhood. Like her larger lips, it suits her. Kylie and Tyga have also come out of this year looking like the model Kardashian/Jenner’s they should be. Both remained unshook, congratulatory, even, in the wake of Chyna and Rob getting together. Kylie was over the moon at the birth of Dream, and even Snapchatted herself holding the baby. While Chyna and Rob settle their differences, Kris is most likely looking for a safe home for Dream. A place she feels safe and loved, and in a place that’s familiar. For nearly half of her life (a few weeks), she’s been living in one of Kylie’s homes, so that seems like the most viable residence for the young child. Of course Rob and Chyna both hate the house, so a caretaker will need to be hired. 

Kim and Kanye are dealing with personal issues all while raising two children, so they’re out. Kourtney and Scott are working on their relationship while raising three children, so they’re out as well. Khloe is on her new Tristan Thompson “I Live Part Time In Cleveland” swag, so she’s out. Kris is having the time of her life with Corey Gamble and unfortunately can’t throw an infant into the mix. Kendall is, well, let’s be honest Kendall was never an option. This leaves Kylie. Kylie, who is already very close to Dream’s half brother, King, which is a bonus. While living with Kylie, and possibly Tyga, Dream will have access to both sides of her family. She’ll be living with her brother, auntie, and future uncle, after all. Kylie’s also got the coins to support the child, too. If Rob and Chyna ever decide to settle down as a unit, it may be too late for them to get Dream back. At 19, Kylie owns the most property of anyone in her family, she has a company that she could run with her eyes closed, and she loves taking care of anything—just look at the gazillion dogs she owns. Basically, she is capable of transferring Dream into her permanent custody without even batting an eye. Enjoy your new life, Dream Jenner.